The Board



Emelita A. Alvarez

President and Chairperson

Committee on Ways and Means




Acceptance Speech

It was in 1998, exactly 18 years ago when I was seated there and listening to then CSFI President Sen Cynthia Villar – who inspires me so much with her advocacies on women ,environment and agriculture.Who would have though that I will be heading the Congressional Spouses Foundation Inc. Maybe that’s what you call “Destiny”Change is really coming.and it’s coming  to me now..

Given this position to head this cause oriented group is both a challenge and an inspiration …”rendering unselfish service “is not new to me being a full blooded Rotarian whose passion for service goes beyond the calling.

Leading the way and incorporating the mission of CSFI to link with the different government agencies and following the mandate of the Duterte Administration.I envisioned – CSFI to “light up” the different districts ,regions and aspiring to spread it all over.

The Theme “LIGHT UP” would mean

L- ivelihood –(Kabuhayan Trade Fair) an inclusive growth that include the MSME’s.For this year It is scheduled on Nov 10-13 at SM Megatrade Hall known as Kabuhayan 2016 Trade and Travel Expo to be Chaired by Ms Kristine Singson Meehan

I-nnovation(DOST Mandate in Science and Technology to further support the research and development of products and services that could be found in the districts.

G-reening Program of DENR. Mother Nature is calling us to do our share in planting more trees  that bear fruits, trees that would protect us from soil erosion and landslides most especially trees that give us oxygen in order to have a liveable communities.


H –appy and safe district-in support of our President’s mandate,we will be having series of Disaster Preparedness Health and Safety Training and Capacity building up to the grassroots level because they are the most vulnerable member of our society.

T-ourism and Trade-(Trading of district products to neighboring ASEAN market) Next year Philippines is hosting the 50 years Anniversary of ASEAN. We’re looking at 600+ million market of our products and services. It’s high time the districts products will go GLOBAL

U-Nity There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals of United Nation. CSFI is one with UN in making the SDG a reality. As support to that CSFI will make quarterly bonding and benchmarking, district visits will be Scheduled every ___of the month starting____(schedule)

P-eople being the center of our focus and concern from the family,community towards nation building. As trustee of the universe Let’s nurture the next generation the millennials to be the guardians of nature.

And lastly,coordination with DSWD with regard to our existing “Haven” –home for the battered women and abuse children will be continued as well as the traditional Christmas Gift Giving here in Congress.


All of these hopefully to be done in a period of 3 years which will be implemented phase by phase. I cannot do it alone and would need the support of each and every one,as what Helen Keller said “ Alone we can do little but together we can do so much”thank you for all your support “ To God be the Glory.”


This to be inserted when I explain livelihood.


DTI- continuation of the traditional National Livelihood Trade Fair showcasing the different products of each district/province and region which is scheduled on Nov 10-13 at SM Megatrade with an addition of two government agencies to work with.

DOT: to promote the destinations/tourist attraction on the the region with a possible package tour /discounted fare to reach such destinations

DA: Promotion of Farm Tourism and Farm School

All these will be explained by the kabuhayan Chairperson Ms.Kristine Meehan

Recuerdo Fashion show:Fundraising activity to revive the dying weaving industry and showcasing apparels made of indigenous materials and to promote locally made shoes and accessories to be discussed by the Chairperson Ms. Dina Bonnevie Savillano.



Election of the Board of Trustees


The spouse of the Speaker of the House of Representatives automatically becomes the President & Chairperson of the CSFI. The new CSFI President appoints the Legal Counsel, Executive Director, Committee Chairpersons and Vice Chairpersons. It is the prerogative of the President to appoint Advisers as needed. The other members of the Foundation choose the committees where they want to be a part of.


During the 1st General Assembly of the incoming CSFI President, the members will choose one representative per Region. From among the 18 Regional Representatives (Region I, II, III, IV-A, IV-B, V, VI, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII, NCR, CAR, ARMM, CARAGA & Party List) an organizational meeting follows to elect the new set of CSFI Officers.




The Board of Trustees meet once every quarter (or as needed) to discuss important matters that affect the operational and financial issues of the Foundation. Minutes of the meeting and Board Resolutions are done by the Board Secretary. On the other hand, a General Assembly is called by the President at least three (3) times a year to update the members about the on-going projects of the Foundation.


17th Congress Board of Trustees Officers


Emelita A. Alvarez

President and Chairperson/

Committee on Ways and Means


Maria Sol Albano-Fernandez

Mary Magdalene K. Alvarez

Stella Quimbo



Atty. Anna Cristina V. Collantes

Corporate Secretary


Catherine Mary R. Biazon

Assistant Secretary


Maria Sol Albano-Fernandez



Louie Anjeanette B. Lazatin

Assistant Treasurer


Edgardo M. Rubiano



Yanee Patrice O. Alvarez


Committee on Environment


Aleta C. Suarez


Committee on livelihood and

Entrepreneurship Development


Geraldy Bonnevie-Savellano


Committee on public Information

And Communication


Zsarita Marie A. Sarmiento


Committee on Structural Restoration

And Prevention on HRep Facilities


Mylah R. Roque


Committee on Ways and Means


Jocelyn Z. Del Rosario

Rosalinda C. Pimentel

Benjamin L. Cuaresma III

Board of Director


Region Head’s


Geraldy Bonnevie-Savellano

Region 1


Benjamin L. Cuaresma III

Region 2


Jacqueline Rose Khonghun

Region 3


Binky April M. Tupas

Region 6


Dr. Sarah W. Cortes

Region 7


Marie Grace S. Evardone

Region 8


Mary Grace T. Rodriguez

Region 10


Catherine Mary D. Binag

Region 11


 Dahlia U. Mangudadatu



Felix Alfred B. Baguilat



Bernadette S. Barbers



 Aubrey N. Malapitan



Meita Grace T. Gasataya



Romeo G. De Jesus